Programs to Reunite People with Lost Pets
Micro Chipping Clinics
Extended Adoption Hours
Reunite with a Lost Pet
How you can help

Looking for your lost pet?  Click here.

No Lost Pets Program

Efforts by Field Officers

Visiting neighbors to identify possible owners
Requesting neighbors take custody until owner arrives
Closing gates and putting animals back in yards
Offer additional home quarantine options for bite dogs and more
Pictures of Animals loaded onto the trucks

Maricopa County Broadcasts

Mass press releases and multi-media uploads to Facebook, Twitter, Pet-Ark, and NLPM web site
Broadcasting truck and cage number
Broadcasting shelter and kennel number
Broadcasting adopt-ability of lost pets
Broadcasting adoptions of pets
Neighborhood FOUND posters placed in neighborhoods lost pets are found
Micro chipping clinics
Cheaper adoptions – $22 Dogs and $0 Cats

You Can Help

Open your home to Foster pets
Micro chip your pets
Volunteer your time
Donate money or items